Custom made carpet.

We have a library of over 10,000 Wilton and Axminster designs, of which we have a small selection on this website. We can also create new designs to the customer's requirements. We are able to e-mail selections of design ideas in colours to suit, and produce CAD drawings, so a design can be selected. Once a design is chosen , we production dye colours to the customer requirements. If necessary , we can produce a small carpet sample prior to weaving the finished carpet.

We have a historic floor-covering consultant, Dan Cooper, who can assist in selecting the appropriate patterns for historic installations.

We weave our carpet either in loop or cut pile, using traditional Wilton or Axminster looms, usually 27" or 36" wide. Most of our carpet is woven in Kidderminster, England.The tradition of weaving carpet here began in the early 1700's, and grew until the town was regarded as the home of the carpet industry.

We maintain a roster of highly qualified carpet installers throughout North America whose speciality is working with narrow width goods.They are skilled at hand sewing and installing both narrow width and broadloom carpet.

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